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Meet TG Gardner 

Apostle Tavares Gardner is a strong Apostolic and Prophetic voice that God is using to radically impact the spiritual climate of every life he touches. He has been serving as Senior Pastor of The Way Fellowship of Church of Dallas for the last 10 years and has served in ministry for more than 20 years.

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After reading the ‘Up & Out’ book, it truly gave me insight on just how courageous Apostle was after facing years of trauma. Apostle’s story has encouraged me on my deliverance journey to keep pushing and follow after Jesus Christ no matter what.

Justin Taylor

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Apostle Gardner is a testimony of deliverance and freedom. Meeting him and being able to have access to not only his life, but also his anointing has shifted me into another level of my call and understanding of the Apostolic. Understanding, grace, and freedom pour out of his mouth and his heart towards the people of God. He is down to earth as well as powerful.
It is my personal belief that he exudes the heart of the Father, through discipleship, deliverance and the apostolic anointing.

Christie Littleton 


One word for this book is, Necessary! From the moment you open it up, the author establishes his desire to give the reader an intimate & candid description of his journey through deliverance. The way the reader is allowed to navigate through his experiences as a youth & adult creates tangibility for the author to express his purpose & testimony of faith. Overall, the reader is left with the hope & assurance that deliverance is real & attainable through Jesus Christ if you're willing to do the work. Reading this book has propelled me in my continued walk of faith & inspired me to share freely the true power of deliverance. 


Quentin Dixon

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